About Us

The Company AbiMobel is manufacturing company that deals with production and quality furniture with different designs for your homes. Originally as a small business, but with increasing the operation and increasing the number of workshop and ongoing changes it has made a site clearance company - the most popular and most successful of that deal with production of furniture in our country . It has manufacturing plant that is located in Tetovo-Gostivar highway and two points of sale in Tetovo. This is the work of its long working period, it has done to come up that goal and win the trust of consumers by professionalism served them with higher quality products. Purposes of company are on the increasing production capacity, the company drives with most of the large cup over the market, the pull as many sales - specifically the increase profit, to answer the clients\' needs and the offer in whilst on products. Abi Mobel has some advantages on the specific area, both, the most recognized companies in our country: the technology used a developed, has good relations with the suppliers in meeting with the satisfaction requirements of consumers, spacious rooms available for storage of products of raw materials and finished with all the technical conditions and safety, management of the company performed by a qualified staff and commit ourselves motivated.